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car Accident that kill many people

A very shocking car accident

This is a life-threatening unsolved problems

At least 13 people, including a mother and her four children, were killed in a road accident. The accident happened on Saturday morning, November 09, 2015, in Warabi, Dagam District, North Shawa Oromia Region. The victims died immediately, Inspector Shimelis Boresa, the head of the criminal investigation process at Dagamit District Police Headquarters, told to BBC.

The accident occurred when a truck was traveling from Finfinnee to Bahirdar. The truck, which he said was carrying 500 quintals of fertilizer, was “driving carelessly on low ground,” he said. The public transport vehicle was traveling from Fiche to Wara Jarso District. “The vehicle went out of control and hit two vehicles and then went completely off the public transport vehicle,” he told to BBC. A mother and her four children were killed in the accident. Teacher Asmare Gosoma died along with her four children while traveling from Finfinnee to Qare Goha to visit her family, Inspector Shimelis said.

They are 18, 15, 8 and one year old children’s. In addition to the 13 people who died instantly, three others sustained serious injuries and are being treated at Kuyu Hospital, he said. The public transport vehicle was completely destroyed and three vehicles were damaged in the accident, he said. “In my more than 20 years as a police officer, I have never seen such a horrible accident. Recovering the bodies of the victims was also very difficult.

“Only two people in the public transport were left. They were seriously injured. It was a very horrible accident,” Inspector Shimelis said. The terrain of the roads in the region is bad and the season is rainy season, he said, adding that drivers should exercise extreme caution. Although the number of vehicles in Ethiopia is low compared to other countries, the number of fatalities due to frequent accidents is high.

Horrific traffic accidents are also frequently reported in various parts of the country. These disasters have left children without parents and parents without support. On average, 14 people are killed and 31 injured in traffic accidents every day in Ethiopia, according to the Road Traffic Safety Bureau. According to the organization, 3,971 people died in traffic accidents in Ethiopia per year.

According to the Federal Police Commission, there were more than 15,000 traffic accidents in 2013, killing 4,161 people. According to the Traffic Safety Institute, 68.3% of accidents in the country occur on good and comfortable roads. According to the Bureau of Road Traffic Safety, 85.9% of the accidents were caused by driver error.

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