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Manchester United , Chelsea and Arsenal , recent transfers and news related to sports

The 21st century Premier League club dominance rankings place Manchester City sixth, Manchester United first, Chelsea second, and Arsenal third. Manchester City has recently been demoted to sixth in terms of overall performance, popularity, length of time spent in the Premier League, records held, and European success, according to the survey.

The Red Devils haven’t won the Premier League since Sr. Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, but their influence on the league’s evolution is still remembered for their enthusiasm to rule the UK and elevate the PL Empire to international standards, especially with Arsenal.

According to him, Jose has helped the blues win over supporters and football fans since Roman Abramovich took over. Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal finished third and won’t be forgotten for their unbeaten PL title, style of play, and footballing ethos. They are currently in third place after failing to capture the European stage championship. In other words, despite the recent victories you have had, history is still in the hands of other clubs, according to the survey made public by give me sport.

Roberto Sanchez, a goalkeeper for Brighton, has been transferred by the blues. Chelsea paid £25 million for the 25-year-old, with an additional £ million being added gradually in the background. The best guard for Bryant was Sanchez.

A boss of the Somali Athletics Federation has been suspended by the World Athletics Federation. The explanation for this is that a competitor who finishes the 100-meter sprint with poor performance does not reflect the difficulty of the race. This standard states that the woman is someone who has never even watched a race other than to trample on the ground unprepared. Each competitor must complete the 100-meter sprint in less than 21 seconds.

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