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Why,About and Background of Sheger City

The Oromia regional state revealed last month that it had created a megacity made up of six cities that surround Addis Abeba. The city administration officially became the administration of Sheger City today after taking an oath. Golo Gelgelo and…

Apple sneakers are selling for $50,000

An Apple shoe at a Sotheby’s auction is selling for $50,000 The shoes was made for Apple Computer employees in the 1990s and presented to them at a conference. The shoes has never been sold outside before. “The leather-lined shoe…

‘500 million trees’ a day in Ethiopia

A sizable number of people are anticipated to take part in the campaign, which will begin at 12:00 am and last until 12:00 pm. To stop the decline of the nation’s forests, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been leading the…

A very shocking car accident

car Accident that kill many people

This is a life-threatening unsolved problems At least 13 people, including a mother and her four children, were killed in a road accident. The accident happened on Saturday morning, November 09, 2015, in Warabi, Dagam District, North Shawa Oromia Region.…

Latest Transfer Update across leagues, who where to where

Kane, Pulisic, Hazard, Timber, Caicedo, Dybala, Chukwueze, Hazard. Chelsea are preparing an offer worth £85m for Brighton’s Ecuador midfielder Moises Caicedo. Chelsea have opened talks with the representatives of Argentina forward Paulo Dybala over a move from Roma. The Blues…

Is a new sea forming between Ethiopia and Djibouti?

Lake Abe stretches between the border of Ethiopia and Djibouti. There is nothing cultivated in the region except dry land. The intense desert also appears to stretch beyond what the human eye can see. The locals call the lake Abe.…