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Apple sneakers are selling for $50,000

An Apple shoe at a Sotheby’s auction is selling for $50,000

The shoes was made for Apple Computer employees in the 1990s and presented to them at a conference.

The shoes has never been sold outside before.

“The leather-lined shoe has an old Apple logo in the color of the divine belt near the tongue and strap, which makes it very popular,” Sotheby’s said.

The sneakers, he said, “were not even known to exist,” explaining their potential value in the distribution market.

He says the shoes have a defect in the middle of the sole, “even though they are new in the box.

The shoe has something like a hole in the comb that keeps the shoe from weighing.

The number of the hat is There is another red rope in the box.

Older Apple devices have gone up in price – but not all of them have found a huge market.

There was a wildly overpriced Pippin gaming console, and other items.

The most recent Apple device sold was the first unlocked 4GB iPhone, which sold for $190,000 at auction in the US.

Although Apple is known for its technological innovations, fans sometimes bought clothes and cosmetics from the product.

In 2015 Apple was putting together a watch strap with luxury fashion brand Hermès.

In 2020, it was released in celebration of Black History Month.

Party workers at California headquarters had Apple Park jackets.

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