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‘500 million trees’ a day in Ethiopia

A sizable number of people are anticipated to take part in the campaign, which will begin at 12:00 am and last until 12:00 pm.

To stop the decline of the nation’s forests, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been leading the Green Sign initiative for the past four years. Food trees will be planted outside of the trees to commemorate the initiative this year. The decision was made at a time when climate change-related increases in global temperatures have been dramatic.

A monitoring facility has also been set up to allow for direct tracking of the number of trees planted. Daily tree planting totaled 350 million trees in 2011. An impartial organization, however, has not endorsed this theory.

20 million citizens would participate in the campaign, according to the government at the time. Some questioned how it was known how many trees had been planted.

The statewide drive to plant 500 trees every day was successful, according to Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the populace.

The Prime Minister revealed that citizens actively participated in the campaign to plant 500 million trees in one day, which was held today, in his statement from the observation of the tree-planting unit.

According to Doctor Abiy Ahmed, from early in the morning until late in the evening, more than 566 million seedlings were planted throughout all of Ethiopia.

Physician Abiy in The Green Legacy initiative for this year began on Tuesday. It began when the prime minister facilitated a conversation between the speakers of the two houses and regional state leaders. There will be seven billion trees planted. They will be planted in neighboring nations in the amount of one billion. The centerpiece endeavor of Prime Minister Abiy is the third tree-planting program.
According to Ethiopian News Agency, House of Federation Speaker Adem Farah stated that the Horn of Africa is a regional area where the “green legacy” is relevant. He added that it might be helpful in reducing disputes over water and grazing grounds. He encouraged regional state leaders to collectively plan a green legacy in the regions they shared.This green legacy started in the entire region of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Green legacy Mission and Vision

saplings are being planted in urban and rural regions to increase the forest’s contribution to the country’s social, economic, and ecological objectives and to realize Ethiopia’s prosperity.

growth of the Ethiopian nation through the implementation of effective research- and development-based rural and urban green projects, as well as through the coordination of institutional, technical, and human resources at all levels.

According to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, we planned, let’s unite, and we succeeded. The program to plant 500 million trees, according to the prime minister, intends to “break records.”It is unknown if the nation would aim to break the record for most trees planted in a day according to Guinness World Records.

The organization claims that in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, 50 million trees were planted per day in 2016. 35% of the nation’s area was covered in forest at the start of the 20th century. The United Nations estimates that number to be somewhat more than 4% in 2000.

17 July 2023, Addis Abeba – According to Chief Mehret Debebe of the African Leadership Excellence Academy (AFLEX), Ethiopia is restoring its forest cover and greenery thanks to the ongoing Green Legacy initiative.

The academy’s personnel today planted 1000 indigenous tree seedlings as part of a nationwide initiative to plant 500 million trees in a single day.

According to the college president, the effort has numerous advantages for the conservation of the environment not only for Ethiopia but also for the rest of the continent and the entire world.

He claims that the goal of planting 500 million seedlings this year will start the mentality of “it can be done.”

According to Mehret, Ethiopia is setting the standard for other African nations and will serve as an example for future generations.

Millions of native trees are being planted, yet they were waiting like seeds. The seed is therefore waiting for someone to come along, plant it in the ground, take it as a seedling to the appropriate location, and do so. Then it will pay us back by producing fruit, being a shed, and altering our environment, he added.

The chief added that this must go on in order to bring about the desired change.

The Green Legacy Initiative in Ethiopia has inspired 25 million Ethiopians to plant 25 billion seedlings, or 250 seedlings each person, over the past four years. Many people think it is, after the Amazon, the most extensive effort for reforestation and afforestation.

Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative, according to China’s ambassador to Ethiopia Zhao Zhiyuan, is essential for the nation’s sustained growth. On the grounds of the Embassy, the Chinese Ambassador and employees planted tree seedlings.

China, according to Ambassador Zhao, is dedicated to sustainable growth and to the idea that protecting the environment and conserving resources should come first. The ambassador expressed appreciation for Ethiopia’s commitment to environmentally friendly and sustainable development and noted that Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative, which reflects China’s ecological civilization, is a step along China’s modernization route.

Ambassador Zhao continued, “By planting trees around the nation, Ethiopians will counteract the consequences of climate change, rehabilitate degraded landscapes and forests, develop a green culture and ecotourism, and enhance Ethiopians’ standard of living.

He claimed that today’s activities is made possible by the goal of green and sustainable development.

The ambassador continued, “Joined by both the staff of the Chinese Embassy and our Ethiopian friends, just as the Chinese proverb goes; a tree planted now will provide shade for future generations; That means to leave a lasting legacy and I believe the lasting legacy for all humanity is a green legacy.

For his part, Ambassador Gebeyehu Ganga, Director General of Middle East, Asia, and Pacific Countries Affairs, stated that Ethiopia’s Green Legacy Initiative is a sign of its long-term dedication to a comprehensive response to the effects of climate change and environmental degradation. read more

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